Market Intelligence

CEthinktank has built an outstanding team to collect first-hand data and make accurate analysis and predictions based on a precise methodology. We conduct dynamic analysis on policies and industries from a professional and commercial perspective and grasp market changes in a timely manner. We carry out short, medium and long-term forecast on trends of prices, supply, demand, strategies, and we also make economic analysis and strategy formulation.

  • Unique perspectives and viewpoints

    With a long-term track of the whole natural gas industry chain, we have unique perspectives and forward-looking viewpoints on shale gas, coalbed methane, coal to gas, piped natural gas, LNG, city gas, gas filling station, gas-fired power plant, industry, chemical industry and other fields.
  • Policy influences and analysis

    We provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of policies on industries and enterprises from unique angle of viewpoints, based on 13 years of research and consultation experience in China's natural gas industry and interviews with policy publishers and businessmen.
  • Supply/demand review and forecast

    We provide review and forecast of China’s piped gas output, imports, exports and consumption on both monthly and yearly basis.
    We analyze development and strategic changes of new LNG importers.
    We provide first-hand sales volumes, shipping fixtures and margins of imported LNG tanker market and domestic LNG tanker market.
  • Price review and forecast

    We establish an independent first-hand price data collection, evaluation and forecast team and adopt a strong data collection and forecast methodology to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of our prices.
  • Real-time market and industry changes

    We release changes in the industry in a timely manner and give accurate judgements on the impact as we collect first-hand data from tens of thousands of Chinese enterprises and communicate with them on events each day.


CEthinktank has more than 1,000 industry experts who have rich experience in every aspect of the clean fuel industry. Some of them have over 15 years experience in industry research, practical operations, technology development, operation management, internet of things and financial management, and they are the reliable support for information analysis and consulting project.

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