Gasconc, subordinated to CEthinktank, is an exhibition service provider engaged primarily in natural gas conferences, trainings and exhibitions. We are committed to holding and hosting various natural gas industry conferences, exhibitions, high-end seminars, round tables, and special trainings, etc.
By virtue of fifteen-year industrial accumulation and expert team with rich industry experience, Gasconc has provided and organized many kinds of seminars and training for enterprises at home and abroad. 


Gasconc provides customized training services for enterprises. According to different needs, Gasconc can provide tailor-made training courses that meet the real needs of enterprises to help enterprises improve long-term performance. Gasconc’s training service will provide enterprises with professional knowledge and ways to solve problems, help them better understand the market environment, and analyze investment opportunities and potential risks based on the company’s huge database resources, top experts in various fields of the industry chain and professionals of relevant national policy-making departments, by means of remote video or face-to-face training exchanges.

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