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    With thousands of industry staff resources and a vast natural gas database, CEthinktank has more than 1,000 industry experts who are experienced professionals in every aspect of the industry. Data base could provides historical data back to over 10 years.

  • Rita Huang, CEthinktank CEO & CIO former ICIS gas industry chain information director, in charge of gas team.
    Rita Huang joined ICIS in 2005 and has over 18 years of information and consulting experience in China gas market. She has extensive knowledge accumulation and consulting experience in China's liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, city gas and unconventional natural gas markets. She has led and participated in amounts of domestic and foreign large oil companies commissioned research, IPO, investment feasibility studies and strategic planning and other projects, covering the field of gas production, storage, supply and demand balance, price analysis and forecasting, industrial investment layout and investment strategy and so on. In 2018, she took part in the drafting of the 2018 World Energy Development Report under the leadership of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

  • Evie Qian, CEthinktank Consulting Director Former Senior Industry Consultant of ICIS.
    Joining ICIS in 2010, Rebecca Qian now has over 13 years’ experience in natural gas and LNG research. Particularly, she has rich implementation experience in delivering projects involving market supply and demand, market entry feasibility research, due diligence investigation, strategic consultation, investment and merging analysis projects, and has had provide consulting services for such world top energy companies as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, TOTAL, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, etc.

  • Sarah Chen,CEthinktank Head of Analys Former Senior Industry Analyst of ICIS
    She has 13 years’ experience in Chinese natural gas market information, consulting and training service field and was invited to several major domestic conferences to deliver speeches on natural gas industry. Particularly, she accumulated rich experiences in selling and analysis functions when serving in the Hanas Natural Gas Group. Over years, she committed herself to the researches over the natural gas, LNG, and unconventional natural gas industries and, thus, has gathered a great experience in the government policy study, market changes study and industrial forecast. Up to now, she has led and/or taken part in the preparation of a dozen of major industrial research reports, covering such subjects as natural gas, LNG, unconventional natural gas, vehicle LNG fuel, vessel LNG fuel, natural-gas-fueled power production, LNG transporting and trading, as well as regional natural gas markets.

External experts

With thousands of industry staff resources and a vast natural gas database, CEthinktank has more than 1,000 industry experts who are experienced professionals in every aspect of the industry. Data base could provides historical data back to over 10 years.

  • (XXX, Deputy General Manager, LNG Shipping Company of a large oil and gas enterprise, Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager of the Company’s Technical Center)
    Member of the Advisory Group of Major Projects of the Chinese Academy of Engineering \ Review Expert of the High-tech of Marine Scientific Research Project from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
    A China Expert in the APEC Fund Cooperation Project “LNG Fuel Ships - Green Shipping” Member of the China Energy LNG Offshore Storage and Transportation Equipment Key Experiment Technical Committee
    XXX graduated from School of Navigation, Wuhan University of Technology in 1988, majoring in marine engineering management and navigation technology. In September 1988, he joined a large oil and gas company and engaged in technical and management related work of marine engineering vessels and tanker construction projects. Since October 2010 till now, he has been working in a large oil and gas enterprise, having served as Technical Head of an LNG carrier project team, Manager of design and construction department, General Manager and Chief Engineer of a 30,000 cubic meter LNG vessel project, Deputy General Manager of LNG Shipping Company, and Secretary of the Central Party Branch and Deputy General Manager of Technology Center.

  • (XXX, Assistant General Manager, an LNG Engineering Technology Center of a large oil and gas enterprise)
    Graduated from China University of Petroleum (East China), XXX is currently Assistant General Manager of the LNG engineering technology center of a large oil and gas enterprise. He has been engaged in offshore oil and gas field development projects and land LNG terminals (storage tanks) for more than ten years. He is a terminal (storage tank) construction project management expert at CNOOC, has served as manager of a host of large-scale projects with rich experience in massive EPC contracting project management. He has published dozens of papers, and obtained more than ten patents.
    The LNG Engineering Technology Center is a turnkey contracting engineering company established by a large oil and gas enterprise for development of the LNG industry. It is characterized by a light asset-based company with design as the core, project management as approach, and efficient use of market resources to complete the EPC turnkey contracting project. The business scope covers terminals, storage tanks, liquefaction plants, FLNG, core equipment, etc.

  • (XXX, General Manager of a natural gas engineering technology company limited)
    Currently working for a natural gas engineering technology company limited and a natural gas equipment company limited
    XXX graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2003 with a degree in Environmental Engineering, and a degree in Applied Chemistry in 2000 from Tongji University. XXX has ten years experience in LNG application engineering implementation and management, proficient in design & consultation, technology development, turnkey contracting construction of CNG compression mother station, regulator station, LNG storage and distribution station, gasification station, LNG/L-CNG/CNG filling station. He has professional capabilities in heat exchange and package equipment design, equipment structure optimization and has led industrial control system design, R&D and integration. XXX also has experience in design, construction and operation support in lightning protection grounding, fire engineering, electrical engineering, automated instrumentation engineering. He has participated in a large number of coal-to-gas projects, “telephone coverage in every village” project, distributed energy project, thermal energy system and combustion unit transformation, energy efficiency optimization and other frontline work. A man/woman of years of government department approval procedures support services, resource integration services and turn-key engineering services.

  • (XXX, Director of a law firm)
    Graduated from Shijiazhuang Army Command College (now the Joint Operations College of the National Defense University), and with a Master degree of Law from Fudan University, XXX is a State Council’s legislative expert in the oil and gas field. XXX is the Initiator of the first PPP Dispute Administrative Litigation High-end Forum of the Government and Social Capital Cooperation Project, and an outstanding young lawyer in Minhang District, member of the Minhang District New Social Class Federation and “Hongxinhui”, Instructor of Minhang District Bay No.1 Technology Park Entrepreneurship, and member of Minhang District Intellectual Property Legal Advisory Group. Since practicing in 2009, he has handled legal disputes such as mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, legal risk assessment of company project investment, infringement of trade secrets, franchising, and unfair competition. He has more than 30 corporate project investment experiences and provided legal training such as anti-monopoly and corporate compliance for over 100 enterprises. XXX has served as legal counsel for a number of companies, and issued intellectual property legal opinions for the listing of a technology company.

  • (XXX, Senior Analyst at a financial institution)
    Currently working for a large financial institution
    XXX has served as an auditor of the top four accounting firms of the world and a senior analyst of investment and merger due diligence. He has four years of experience in financial due diligence prior to merger and acquisition, with dedication to corporate value forecasting, revenue growth driver analysis, internal rate of return analysis and risk control among others. He has participated in many corporate investment projects such as large-scale TMTs, manufacturing, IP commercial and educational medical types at home and abroad.
    He has accumulated consulting experiences in corporate value forecasting, investment M&A and financial analysis. Target companies involved include large-scale TMT enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises in the B round - D round of financing, and have participated in or led more than ten financial due diligence reports prior to merger.

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